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Self Care is a Must!


Setting aside time to do something you really enjoy can help lift your mood. If you’ve got a busy schedule, an occasional 30-minute break will energise you.

Spend that time listening to a few of your favourite songs, make a cup of tea, soak in a bath, put on a face mask, read that book you’ve been meaning to start, even all five – why not you deserve a little time out.

Research shows self care boosts your well being, improves productivity, improved resistance to disease, enhances self esteem, improves physical and emotional health.

If you’re looking for a great soothing mask or something to add to the bath just ask and we can help you with something that will make your self-care a treat.

Let’s start self-care Sundays and give ourselves some much needed nurturing.

We have some beautiful face masks, body oils and creams to enhance your self care routine or Sunday self care ritual.

Take a look in our online store or call 07 4914 0047 to make your next appointment, you can even book online.

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